Harry Glinberg has a winning reputation as “Jeweler to the Sports Stars

Harry Glinberg and Justin Bieber.

All-factory diamond Jacob watch in picture, along with a pair of custom hoop earrings and a Pharaoh diamond necklace. DJ Tay James, Bieber’s DJ, and dancers bought a few watches and a custom diamond Air Jordan shoe necklace.

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Jewelry for Celebrities

Harry Glinberg has a winning reputation as “Jeweler to the Sports Stars”

Fine Jewelry for Celebrities in Milwaukee, WI


With clients from throughout the professional sports leagues, Glinberg has earned the trust and admiration of some of these most popular clients. Add his creativity with high-quality items and ability to communicate with athletes despite their dizzying schedules, and you have a victorious game plan.

​Enjoy and share Glinberg’s anecdotes about the custom pieces he designs and thriving designer brands he introduces to sports stars. Find out how a jeweler from southeastern Wisconsin establishes himself as the go-to guy for jewelry by professional athletes nationwide. Your audience will enjoy absorbing stories as they size up their own jewelry with their favorite sports stars or live vicariously through them. Through their coveted favorites, they will also learn the latest on what’s hip in bling and what’s been benched. Looking for a fab watch? Players from the New York Giants to the Golden State Warriors look to Glinberg.​