Gold itself is an element found naturally in a rich yellow color. Gold has a tremendous heritage with great qualities. Gold does not rust, tarnish or corrode. Gold is very strong, but is the most malleable of all the precious metals. Pure gold in fact is too soft for everyday wear, hence is alloyed with a mixture of metals like silver, copper, nickel, and zinc to give it durability and strength. Gold comes in 10k, 14k, 18k, and 24k gold which is pure gold. Also although gold naturally is yellow jewelry can be made in white and rose gold as well.


Silver is very malleable and relatively soft. Fine silver, also called pure silver is typically combined with other metals to produce something more durable. The most popular alloy for this is sterling silver which contains 92.5 percent silver and 7.5 percent copper. Any metal could make up the 7.5 percent non-silver portion of sterling, however centuries of experimentation have shown copper to be its best partner, it improves the metals overall durability and hardness, but does not affect the beautiful color.


Platinum is a metal that will live forever, it symbolizes true everlasting love. Platinum is very durable, it is the most secure setting for your precious diamond or other gemstone. All of our platinum jewelry needs no replating as it always holds its beauty. Our platinum rings are crafted with platinum prongs for the setting of the loose diamond.


Tungsten is tarnish-resistant with a nice feel in weight, it is nearly impossible to scratch or wear down. Even the most delicate details are defined well and polished after wearing for years. Tungsten is four times harder than titanium and keeps its polish longer than almost any other metal. A great choice for any who works actively with their hands.


Cobalt is a white and bright metal highly resistant to scratch. Cobalt is made from a very durable alloy, it’s four times harder than platinum while being less dense. Cobalt is naturally hard so it is extremely resistant to scratch, corrosion, and chipping. It’s density is lower, and naturally malleable this allows for dynamic designs that are strong and weigh less. This metal is hypoallergenic making it one of the best choices for people with sensitive skin.


Palladium is a precious and rare metal, known for its dazzling silver-white surface which can be polished to a high mirror-like shine. Wedding rings made in palladium are extremely durable and resistant to tarnish, extreme heat, as well as exposure to many types of chemicals. Palladium has strength and makes it a very preferred metal for ring settings.